At Brolly Design our mission is simple; to carefully and creatively bring you playful, thoughtful and useful designs that meet budgets and expand your imagination. Founded in 2011 by resident designers Martin Heide and Megg Evans, Brolly is a community of diversely-minded experienced designers who can deliver a vast array of design possibilities. Our award winning body of work spans architecture, urban design , interior and product design. Click here to say hello…


Brolly Studios are home to diversely skilled and artistically minded doers – can doers. Beyond the cafe doors we’re busy designing, making, thinking, tinkering and playing with all the things that are, can and might be. We support the creations and developments of design students, practitioners in all the arts, and small professional organisations that enjoy digs with a unique community spirit.


Brolly Design Shop offers clever objects and witty ideas made by local designers and artisans. It has seasonal releases alongside perennial design favourites and showcases both young emerging talent and established professionals. The products and curated projects of the Brolly Design Shop adhere to a philosophy that respects the environment, each other, and the future we’d all like to be a part of.


Flipboard is a niche cafe nestled in the shop-front window of our La Trobe street studio. A multi-level nook that serves fine space with a side of excellent coffee and scrumptious healthy food is where we go to recharge our batteries and play out our design fantasies. It’s the apple of our pie and the fig to our jam, so come say hi to our native brollyites as they milk their frothy minds for some caffeinated gems…